Art and Spirituality

September 8, 2017


What is the accord amid art and spirituality? We apperceive there is one, but can we clear it? An artisan ability say he is committed to his art. Does that betoken spirituality? Is the art his airy path? Abounding would not yield him actively – yes, one ceremoniousness the artist’s best to address himself to art. But adherence to one’s plan does not necessarily a airy aisle make. Or does it? “I’m committed to my art.” Pshaw, abounding would say, and, don’t yield it so seriously.

Besides, one knows actual able-bodied that art cannot yield the abode of a all-powerful Creator. Area is God in all this? For abounding committed artists, God does not exist, or at best his or her or its actuality is in question. Are those artists spiritual? Can one be airy and not accept in a all-powerful Creator? One can accept character. One can accept censor and be a solid citizen. Is that spiritual? I would anticipate so. But is it spirituality? Is it a airy path? Maybe. Maybe not.

Does adherence to a profession accomplish a airy path? Not all artists are professionals. Authoritative money has annihilation to do with it. One ability say that the able artisan has committed himself to art in the way a monk, priest, or nun has committed him or herself to God. Actuality one accept to attending at the adulation of the profession as cardinal the charge to accomplish money. Here, abnormally or not so abnormally enough, the profession of artisan and that of the clergy collide. To accept amazing affection for ones work: Is that not spiritual? But is it spirituality? And again, what about God?

What to do here: Ascertain art and ascertain adherence and see if they accept annihilation in common, see what they accept in accepted and how carefully they resemble anniversary other. For this task, the widest analogue of art would be desirable. And so for spirituality, the widest definition. I’ll activate with art.

Art is the apotheosis of life, that which is real, that which contains the primary armament of consciousness: vision, essence, and flow. Anyone who embraces activity can accomplish art. That’s what art is about: all-embracing activity and authoritative art of that. Artists are human, just like anyone else. They don’t consistently embrace life. But in their art, they accept abstruse how to. The art reflects area they accept accepted life. “The aisle of the heart,” to adduce Castenada’s Don Juan.

What is spirituality? It is the all-embracing of life. The airy aisle is the aisle that allows us to do that added and more. Art is the aftereffect of spirituality. Do you agnosticism this? Is the aftereffect of active a airy activity that you are afterpiece to God, added pious, added holy? Or is the aftereffect that you are added animate and absolute and abounding of consciousness? Faith, ritual, and acts of advantage and advantage contribute. But that in itself does not betoken spirituality. We apperceive actual able-bodied that acceptance in God does not in itself accomplish a saint. In some sad instances, it can actuate a blackmailer to do abundant harm.

The accurate artisan is one who cultivates a airy path, at atomic in his art. This is why artists feel such affection and adherence apropos their art: the conception of art becomes basic to the adherence and airy path. While artists accept their eye on the goal, or, one goal, which is to accomplish art, others accept their eye on active the airy life. They, too, I would maintain, aftermath art. It may or may not appear in a bankable or actual form. Nevertheless, it is there. To reside a airy activity is to reside a artistic life, a activity that accordingly will aftermath art. Notice I said annihilation about getting religious. I said annihilation about dogma. Adoration is alveolate after feeling, and activity comes from the claimed airy path, a aisle that can cover adoration but does not accept to.

What I say actuality may assume a bit odd, to agree the airy being with the artistic artist. Let us anamnesis that in added cultures at added times, generally it was the angelic man or woman who created icons of adoration and accomplished others how to acquaintance the divine. I allocution of the shamans of old, and of age-old priests and priestesses. In our present western ability we accept removed a lot of abstract from angelic rituals, beliefs, customs, and from religion. This is a mistake. Adherence and art are apprenticed together. You can’t accept one after the other. Thus, those artists who do not accept to their body and acknowledge suffer. And spiritualists who abjure their adroitness aswell suffer. Art and adherence are one.

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